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Our consent driven approach

NorthIsle Copper and Gold (NorthIsle) respectfully acknowledges that our business operates in what is now called British Columbia, on lands that are, and have always been the traditional territories of Indigenous peoples. We recognize the rights and title of Indigenous peoples, and as such, we commit to collaborating with them, and their communities to build authentic, mutually beneficial relationships.

  • NorthIsle believes that the principles articulated in The United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples are critical for the advancement of reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples and that we have a role to actively participate in reconciliation.
  • We commit to building authentic, mutually beneficial and respectful relationships through proactive engagement and transparent communication with Indigenous people. We will work to achieve free, prior, and informed consent, where the potential for impacts to rights may occur, before proceeding with projects and during ongoing activities and operations.
  • We will seek to partner and collaborate with Indigenous individuals and businesses to provide sustainable economic opportunities, environmentally sound stewardship, and community-directed capacity building opportunities.
  • We value Indigenous knowledge and ways of knowing, enduring environmental stewardship, and Indigenous peoples’ connection to the land. We strive to incorporate Indigenous knowledge and values in our activities and will ensure they are designed to minimize impacts, wherever possible.
  • We utilize equitable employment practices, to support inclusivity and diversity, and an equal opportunity workplace. We create work environments that promote professional development, community capacity building, and inclusion.
  • We recognize the diversity of Indigenous cultures and beliefs, and as such, recognize that reconciliation will take a diversity of forms. We commit to actively participating in Indigenously-guided reconciliation, in whatever form is most practicable and effective.
  • We promote Indigenous cultural awareness through on-going educational initiatives amongst management, staff and Northisle contractors. We will develop and maintain a company culture that encourages learning from and respecting the cultures of the locations in which we operate.
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